Gymnocalycium baldianum - Cactus

the plantmaniacs SKU: TP0026
Gymnocalycium baldianum - Cactus
Gymnocalycium baldianum - Cactus

Gymnocalycium baldianum - Cactus

the plantmaniacs SKU: TP0026
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Gymnocalycium baldianum is a small cactus with solitary, flattened-globose stem, usually unbranched and up to 5 inches in diameter, with 9 to 10 broad ribs and 5 to 7 bristle-like radial spines. It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings, desert type landscapes, patios and botanical gardens.

About the Item 

• Scientific Name - Gymnocalycium baldianum

• Common Name - Dwarf chin cactus , spider-cactus

• Cactus Diameter- 5 inch

• Pot Height- 6 inch 

• Pot material- Plastic 

Gymnocalycium baldianum Care Tips

Light - Gymnocalycium baldianum do best in 4 to 6 hours of bright indirect light per day, but can handle light partial shade in a garden setting. Aim for bright filtered light when planting indoors.

Soil - Well-drained soil, with a mixture of topsoil, peat and sand and you always have to water moderately, letting the soil dry out before watering it again.

Temperature - 10–30°C

Flower Colour- Pink

Flowering Season- Summer, Plants will flower readily but need high heat and good light to open; increase exposure to sunlight if flowers fail to form.

Water - Once in a week. This cactus has a range of water needs, based upon its size and the season. Avoid watering in winter, as this may prevent the plant from flowering.

Fertilizer- Apply a half-strength high-potash fertilizer once a month from spring to late summer.

Pest & Diseases- Prone to rotting in damp compost. Check plants regularly for mealybugs.


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