Echinopsis Tubifora Cactus

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Echinopsis Tubifora Cactus
Echinopsis Tubifora Cactus

Echinopsis Tubifora Cactus

the plantmaniacs SKU: TP0030
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Echinopsis Tubiflora is a strange, spherical plant with dark green colors and white flowers. Keeping it at home can decorate the room, beautify the environment. Echinopsis Tubiflora can also resist radiation, produce oxygen, absorb harmful indoor gases and dust, and improve indoor air quality, which is beneficial to human health. Echinopsis Tubiflora has fine hard thorns, so it is necessary to handleit carefully. If you have small children or pets, don't place Echinopsis Tubiflora in a lower part of your home. 

About the Item 

• Scientific Name- Echinopsis Tubifora

• Synonyms- Cereus tubiflorus, Echinopsis albispinosa, Echinopsis oxygona

• Cactus  Diameter- 5-6 inch 

• Pot Height-  6 inch 

• Pot material- Plastic  

Echinopsis Tubifora Care Tips

▪︎Light - Echinopsis Tubifora is a light loving plant. It required strong light (not full sun) during its growing season.

▪︎Size & Growth - The maximum reachable height of the Echinopsis Tubifora cactus are up to 5’ feet.

▪︎Soil - This plant requires a well-drained, porous rich soil mix. 

▪︎Watering - The plant does not require a lot of water. You should allow the soil to dry out between waterings before you water it again.

▪︎Repotting- When repotting cactus, repot during the warmer months. Make sure the soil is dry before removing Echinopsis plants from the pot. Remove any rotting or dead roots before repotting. This gives the plant the proper treatment before placing it into a new pot. Once repotted, allow the plant and potting soil to sit dry for about six to seven days. This reduces the chances of root rot. 

▪︎Pest or Diseases :- Echinopsis Tubifora plant is generally free of pests and diseases.

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