Buy Tritonia Flower Bulb in Mix Color

Urban Plants™ Buy Tritonia Flower Bulb in Mix Color
Urban Plants™ Buy Tritonia Flower Bulb in Mix Color
Urban Plants™ Buy Tritonia Flower Bulb in Mix Color

Buy Tritonia Flower Bulb in Mix Color

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Buy Tritonia flower bulbs in mix colours:

About the  bulbs:

These bulbs are as amazing as the beautiful flowers. They do not need too much care and attention as well as they are not at all demanding plants.

Soil requirement:

Need well drained soil with a large part of sand and organic components . For good drainage holes can be made in the pot.

Depth requirement:

The bulbs should be planted 6 cm deep and 6 to 8 cm apart .

Water requirement:  

Water it only when soil becomes dry or you can water it twice in summer and once in winter. Avoid overwatering; this may cause rot.

When to plant the tritonia bulbs?

They are best to plant in the months of March and april.

When will the tritonia plant  bloom ?

 They will bloom in the months of June and July when planted in March and april.

Sunlight requirement:

Sunlight requirement is about 5 to 6 hours / day. The bulbs thrive well in such conditions.

Avoid keeping them in shade for too long .

How  can Propagation be done ?

Propagation is done through corms/bulbs . The bulbs also reproduce and produce baby corms which can be separated for the mother plant and planted separately .

Where to keep the pot ?

The pot should be placed in a sunny place where it can receive full sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours. You can place the pot near the window or on the balcony.

When repotting can be done?

Repotting can be after 4 to 5 years of planting. The corms or bulbs should be divided and moved to another pot to avoid overcrowding. 

How to care ?

Avoid overwatering.

Place the pots on an open dry place where sunlight comes.

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