Buy Sparaxis Flower Bulb( in bulk)

Urban Plants™ Buy Sparaxis Flower Bulb( in bulk)
Urban Plants™ Buy Sparaxis Flower Bulb( in bulk)

Buy Sparaxis Flower Bulb( in bulk)

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 Buy Sparaxis flowers bulb ( in bulk ):

About the  bulbs:

The bulbs are amazing as they bloom beautiful flowers. They do not need too much water for growth so watering is very limited only when soil becomes dry. They are sun loving so require full sunlight for about 6 hours .

Soil requirement:

Need well drained soil with a large part of sand and organic components . For good drainage holes can be made in the pot.

Depth requirement:

The bulbs should be planted 6 cm deep and 6 to 8 cm apart .

Water requirement:  

Water it only when soil becomes dry or you can water it twice in summer and once in winter.

When to plant the sparaxis  bulbs?

Bulbs should be planted in the month of September to November .

When will the sparaxis bulb bloom ?

 It takes about 3 months to bloom.

Sunlight requirement:

For best growth and blooming it requires full sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours .

Fertilizer requirement :

Fertilizatuion is very important and it should be done some  days before blooming.

How  can Propagation be done ?

Propagation is done through bulbs . The baby corms/bulbs are separated from the main plant and planted separately in a pot.

Where to keep the pot ?

The pot should be placed in a sunny place where it can receive full sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours. You can place the pot near the window or on the balcony.

When repotting can be done?

Repotting can be after 4 to 5 years of planting. The corms or bulbs should be divided and moved to another pot to avoid overcrowding. 

How to care ?

Avoid overwatering.

Place the pots on an open dry place where sunlight comes.

Note :

Images only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . The product is replaceable but non -returnable.

Sparaxis Flower (Botanical name: Sparaxis tricolor ) is a bulb-forming perennial plant. It is commonly called the Wandflower, Harlequin flower, etc. The plant produces bi or tri-coloured flowers characterized by a golden centre surrounded by a brown colour tinge. It can be grown either to cover the edges in a garden, as a terrace garden crop, or as a balcony plant. The plant grows up to a height of 10-12 inches.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: The plant grows well under direct sunlight for 4-5 hours a day. The soil should be well drained. Loamy soils are the best for growing Sparaxis plants. The plants have low water requirements; hence watering can be done when the soil surface becomes dry.
HOW TO PLANT SPARAXIS BULBS: Bulbs can be sown in well-drained soil at the 2-inch spacing between the bulbs and at a soil depth of 3 inches. The main blooming season is between March to June.
USES: Used as cut flowers for decoration purposes, adds a colourful lustre to a garden

AVAILABLE AT: Set of 50/ Set of 100.

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