Buy set of 5 Syngonium Red Vein plant with pot

Urban plants Buy set of 5 Syngonium Red Vein plant with pot

Buy set of 5 Syngonium Red Vein plant with pot

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Height -5 inch ht

Syngonium Red vein

The Araceae family includes the Syngonium plant. A wonderful indoor plant is the syngonium. Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal are the five Feng Shui elements that are represented by the five-lobed shape of syngonium leaves. As a result, It Perfectly Balances Yang And Yin Energy And Promotes Positive Chi Or Energy.

The Variegated Syngonium is an easy-to-care-for plant that does well in indoor environments.

Its leaves are heart-shaped when the plant is young but gradually change to an arrowhead shape as it ages. This is a beautiful and common house plant thanks to its green and white leaves. Syngonium is a superb plant for air purification that eliminates hazardous chemicals from the environment.

Care Tips


Bright Indirect Lighting


Once a week and when the top two inches of soil are dry are the times to water.


Use nutrient-rich, well-drained, airy, and porous potting mix as your soil.


Feed the plant with fertiliser three to four times per year, making sure it is well balanced.


When a plant outgrows its pot, repot it with new soil and slow-release fertiliser. It is best to do this in the morning or late at night, and to keep the plant in a shaded area for a couple of days after.

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