Buy Rain Lily Flower Bulb in Pink color

Urban Plants™ Buy Rain Lily Flower Bulb in Pink color
Urban Plants™ Buy Rain Lily Flower Bulb in Pink color
Urban Plants™ Buy Rain Lily Flower Bulb in Pink color

Buy Rain Lily Flower Bulb in Pink color

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Buy Rain Lily flower bulbs in pink colour :

About the bulbs : 

The Rain lilies are wonderful bulbs that produce beautiful pink flowers which possess fragrance. 

 It  is very easy to  care for and manage these bulbs . 

These bulbs  can be planted in a pot and are suitable indoor plants . 

Soil requirement:

Well drained soil is required for growing Rain Lily Bulbs.  The growth can be enhanced by adding organic manure. Small holes can be made in a pot to remove excess water.

Depth required ;

The planting should be kept about 5 to 6 inches deep and spacing between the two bulbs could be about 4 to 5 inches .

Water requirement:  

Do not need too much water .

 The planted bulbs can be watered twice in a week in summer and once in 15 days in winters.

You can water them when the soil becomes dry.

When to plant the bulbs?

They can be planted from February to April. 

When will it bloom ?

They bloom in the months of June and July or in August. 

Your lily may not bloom in first year for definitely it will start blooming from next year


Sunlight requirement:

Sunlight requirement is about 5 to 6 hours / day. 

The bulbs thrive well in such conditions.

Avoid keeping them in shade for too long .

How  can Propagation be done ?

Propagation is done through bulbs . The bulbs  produce baby bulbs  which can be separated for the mother plant and planted separately .

Where to keep the pot ?

The pot should be placed in a sunny place where it can receive full sunlight for about 4 to 6 hours. You can place the pot near the window or on the balcony.

When repotting can be done?

Repotting can be after 4 to 5 years of planting. The bulbs should be divided and moved to another pot to avoid overcrowding. 

How to care for rain lilies?

Avoid overwatering otherwise the bulbs will rot.

Place the pots on an open dry place where it can receive proper sunlight. 

Note :

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