Buy Nemesia Carnival Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 Seeds)

Urban Plants™ Buy Nemesia Carnival Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 Seeds) Buy Nemesia Carnival Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 Seeds)-Urban Plants

Buy Nemesia Carnival Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 Seeds)

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Nemesia Carnival Mix Flower

Nemesia plants have lance-shaped leaves that grow in pairs along the stems, and their two-lipped, tubular flowers resemble snapdragons. The plant can produce so many blossoms as to almost completely cover the foliage from spring till October as long as temperatures stay warm.

Gardeners in warm-winter climates often seed directly into the garden in August for winter bloom.

Common Name -   Nemesia, Cape Jewels


Quantity - 100 seeds per packet


Botanical Name - Nemesia spp.


Family - Scrophulariaceae

Plant Type             -   Annual or short-lived perennial

Mature Size             - 8-24 in. tall, wide (varies by species)

Sun Exposure   - Full, partial (4 to 6 hours)

Soil Type             -   Rich, well-drained, sandy

Bloom Time             - March to September 

Flower Color           - White, red, pink, blue, orange, bicolor

Nemesia Care

Look for seedlings with many buds but few open flowers when purchasing a nursery starts. Nemesia does not adapt well to transplantation, therefore selecting plants that are not yet in bloom can lessen stress.

Start them seven to eight weeks before the final anticipated date of frost if you're starting from seed.

When all threat of frost has gone, seedlings or potted nursery starts should be put into the garden, spaced four to six inches apart.


Nemesia will grow best in full sunlight.


Nemesias need soil that is rich in organic content, wet, and well-drained.


For these blooms, it's crucial to maintain moist soil, although excessive watering should be avoided. Stem rot can result from using too much water.


Nemesia will grow best in cooler temperatures. 


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