Buy Marigold Jafri Seeds Pack (60 Seeds)

Urban Plants™ Buy Marigold Jafri Seeds Pack (60 Seeds)

Buy Marigold Jafri Seeds Pack (60 Seeds)

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ABOUT MARIGOLDS: Marigolds (Botanical Name: Tagetes sp.) are annual herbaceous plants from the family Asteraceae. It produces dark green leaves with a wide range of coloured blossoms like yellow, orange, white, golden, and a mix of more than two colours . Jafri marigolds are available in different shades of yellow colour. Depending on the species, the height of the plant varied between 0.1meters to 0.9meters.


Marigolds are easy to grow with very low input requirements. They are a common plant seen in every Indian household during the winter months.

  • SEEDS: Prior to sowing the seeds, they can be soaked in water overnight. It ensures better germination. Seeds can be first grown in pro-trays till they reach 2-3 inches in height. Then, they can be transplanted directly into pots or soil. Seeds take 2-3 weeks to germinate. 
  • SUNLIGHT: While in the seedling stage, they can be kept under the shade immediately after sowing for 1-2 days. Then they can be brought under direct sunlight. During the later stages, the plant requires direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day.
  • SOIL: A well-drained soil is needed. The plant cannot tolerate water logging. 
  • WATER: Watering is to be done when the topsoil becomes dry. The plant can withstand the dryness of soil for a long time.
  • FERTILIZER: Any liquid fertilizer can be used once the first bloom has occurred.


  • The bright flowers are used for dye extraction and as colouring agents in food industries.
  • Marigolds are used in essential oil extraction.
  • Leaves are crushed and used in cuts due to their medicinal properties.
  • Flowers are used in making garlands.
  • Used as loose flowers for religious purposes.

AVAILABLE IN: Pack of mixed colour seeds (60 nos.).


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