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The dwarf coconut plant/ tree is a short variety of coconut trees scientifically called Cocos nucifera. The scientific name is the same for all Coconut varieties cultivated species of the coconut plant.
In addition to fruits, it can be grown as an ornamental plant in the home and garden and commercially produced in tropical and sub-tropical countries.
Dwarf coconut trees can be successfully planted at any time of year with proper care and the right conditions. The coconuts are small in size and of oblong shape. Its nut weighs about 85gm with 65% oil content and is susceptible to drought.
  • Plant Name: Malaysian Dwarf Coconut Tree Plant
  • Suitable Location: Outdoor
  • Container Type: Plastic Bag (min 14 inches)
  • Height: 5ft
  • soil ph- 5.0-8.0
  • soil- red sandy loamy soil, laterite, and alluvial soils are suitable

Coconut is a widely consumed fruit all over India. In addition to as part of regular diet/cuisine, it also has religious significance. 

Traditionall coconut trees used to be of height of 25-30 feet. With the introdution of new dwarf varieties, one can grow them in small garden spaces. 

Kindly note that we will be sending plant of 2-3 feet. 

For further details, you may contact us at 7678644492 

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