Buy Heart Shape Garden stakes (Set of 4)

Urban Plants™ Buy Heart Shape Garden stakes (Set of 4)

Buy Heart Shape Garden stakes (Set of 4)

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Heart Shape Garden Stakes/ structures

Stand dimension



The main purpose of a garden stake is to hold up a young or weak plant against the weather. Weak plants are at risk from wind, which can snap thin branches and bend soft stems easily. By providing the plant with some sort of secondary backbone, a garden stake will provide some protection against such an attack. A sturdy base keeps the plant upright even on the windiest of days.

Stake types for plants

A plant stake can either be preventative or remedial in nature.  

  • The purpose of preventative staking is to keep plants upright before they fall over.  
  • In remedial staking, plants that have already flopped are repaired.
  • The Product includes only stakes 

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