Buy Daisy Double Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

Urban Plants™ Buy Daisy Double Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds) Buy Daisy Double Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)-Urban Plants

Buy Daisy Double Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

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Daisy Double Mix Flower Seeds

The daisy is a popular annual or perennial flowering plant all throughout the world. It is a very low-maintenance plant that is ideal for growing in pots, your balcony, home garden, or terrace. The daisy blossom represents contentment. The flower's Centre is a yellow disc blossom, and its petals are smooth and lovely.

Quantity: 100 seeds per packs 

Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden

Best Sowing Season: March to May and December to February.

Sowing method: Direct or Seedling transplant.

Germination temperature: 20-25°C

Germination time: 10 to 20 days

Sowing distance: 5 inches Plant to Plant

Blooming time:  March to May 

How To Grow Daisy in Pots

  • Daisy is a low-maintenance flowering plant, you can sow daisy seeds directly in pots or start them in seedling trays and then transplant them.
  • The optimum soil temperature for daisy seed germination is 20-25°C. Choose a pot or grow bag at least 9 inches wide and deep for planting daisies. Each plant needs a spacing of at least 5 inches.

Daisy Flower Fertilizer Requirements

To keep the daisy healthy, add vermicompost to the soil every few weeks.

For extra flowers, you can amend the soil with Epsom salt. 

Daisy Plant Care Tips

Soil – Use fertile, organic, and sandy loamy soil to plant daisies.

Water – Daisy can withstand droughts, but it prefers a consistent level of soil moisture. Water the soil once a week, but avoid overwatering it, to prevent the plant from getting sick.

Sunlight    -      Daisy plant growth requires cool temperatures and six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day. On hot days, daisies can still thrive in partial shade.

Temperature     - Daisy flowers grow best at temperatures between 21 and 23 °C.

Common name       –   Common daisy, lawn daisy

Scientific name      –     Bellis perennis

Height                    –      6 to 24 inches

Level of growth.    –   Easy



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