Buy Chrysanthemum Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

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Buy Chrysanthemum Mix Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

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Chrysanthemum Mix Flower Seeds

An ornamental plant that is native to north Africa called Chrysanthemum carinatum is grown as a garden plant.

Annual and self-fertile, Chrysanthemum carinatum is a plant. It is appropriate for planting in beds. It is annual plants with single, long-stemmed daisy-like flower heads and slightly succulent, pinnately divided leaves.

Common Name - the tricolor chrysanthemum, tricolor daisy, painted Daisy, and annual chrysanthemum.

Quantity - 100 seeds per plant.

Height     -    Up to 2 feet

Flower Color -    White, yellow, red and purple blooms with varying bands of other colors with a purple Centre

Bloom Time      -   March - August 

Difficulty Level -   Easy to grow

Planting and care

  • Ensure proper drainage.
  • Young painted daisy plants should be pinched back to maintain them bushy.
  • Regularly remove deadhead wasted flowers to promote new blossoming.

Chrysanthemum Carinatum Mixed Color care

  • Once the winter season is over, sow the chrysanthemum seeds outside immediately in a seedbed that has been prepared.
  • In neutral, acidic, and alkaline soils, it can grow.
  • Temperature for Sowing: 20 to 25 C
  • Keep the flower seeds moist until germination takes place, then lightly cover the seeds with dirt.

Sunlight     -   Partial shade to full sun.

Watering     -   You can water this plant once or twice a week. 

Soil                 -   This plant requires well drained soil. Soil potting mixture for this plant should generally contain 40 % cocopeat, 40 vermicompost and 20 % local garden soil.

Temperature     -    20 to 28 degrees C

Fertilizer     -    Use any organic fertilizer or add vermicompost to induce growth.

Chrysanthemum Carinatum Mixed Color uses

Ornamental Use:

  • This plant is used as an ornamental plant for its colorful blossom.


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