Buy Calendula Pacific Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

Urban Plants™ Buy Calendula Pacific Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

Buy Calendula Pacific Flower Seeds Pack (100 seeds)

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ABOUT CALENDULA: Calendula (Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis) is a short-lived herbaceous perennial crop belonging to the family Asteraceae. The plant is commonly known as Pot Marigold, Common Marigold, Ruddles, Scotch Marigold, and Mary’s Gold. It grows up to a height of 80 cm. 


  • SUNLIGHT: It grows well under direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun for 4-5 hours a day is necessarily followed by indirect sun rays.
  • SEEDS: The flowers bloom within 2 months from the date of seed sowing.
  • SOIL: It grows well in almost all soil types. Well-drained soil is preferred which retains sufficient moisture.
  • WATER: Watering can be done regularly to keep the soil moist as and when required.
  • FERTILIZERS: Any water-soluble fertilizers can be applied for better growth. Soil can be mixed with organic manure or vermicompost also. It results in good yield.


  • The leaves are crushed and applied to cuts and wounds due to their healing properties.
  • Flowers are used in dye extractions as well as colouring agents in food industries.
  • They give a very showy appearance when planted in the garden 

AVAILABLE IN: Pack of 100 seeds.


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