Buy Balsam Flower Seeds Pack (50 seeds)

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Buy Balsam Flower Seeds Pack (50 seeds)

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Balsam Flower Seeds

Impatiens is the genus that includes garden balsam.

It is a kind of ornamental non-edible flower that mostly develops as an annual plant, meaning that it usually only thrives for one growing season. 

Garden balsam is distinguished by its upright growth habit.

Yard balsam is a fantastic plant to use in your garden to entice butterflies, bees, and birds.

Common Name -   Touch-Me-Not, Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam, impatiens.

Quantity                      - pack of 50 seeds

Height                         -   12-24 inches

Flower Color               - red, orange, yellow, violet, white, pink.

Bloom Time               -    June to September 

Difficulty Level            -   Easy

Planting and care

  • Balsam thrives in situations with some shade and needs wet, well-drained soil.
  • Before transplanting young balsam, amend the soil with compost and break up any clouds.
  • 12 to 18 inches should separate each item.
  • In order to help prevent powdery mildew, water the plants from below.
  • With this watering technique, a drip line system or soaker hose will be helpful.


Sunlight   -    Full sun to partial shade.

Watering   -   The average plant prefers one inch of water every week. Texture and water holding or draining capability will both be improved by compost. 

Soil             -   Moist and well drained means exactly what it sounds like. 

Soil is moist without being soggy (wet) because the texture of the soil allows excess moisture to drain away.

Temperature     -   Balsam plants grow well in both sun and shade. The best site offers some protection from afternoon sun, which may cause some browning of the foliage.

Fertilizer     -    Apply any organic fertilizer or vermicompost once every 15 to 30 days.

Culinary Use:

  • Leaves and young shoots - cooked
  • People with a tendency to rheumatism, arthritis, gout, kidney stones and hyperacidity should take especial caution if including this plant in their diet.


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