Buy African Daisy (Dimorphoteca White) Flower Seeds Pack (30 seeds)

Urban Plants™ Buy African Daisy (Dimorphoteca White) Flower Seeds Pack (30 seeds) Buy African Daisy (Dimorphotheca White) Flower Seeds Pack (30 seeds)-Urban Plant

Buy African Daisy (Dimorphoteca White) Flower Seeds Pack (30 seeds)

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African Daisy (Dimorphotheca White) Flower Seeds 

The flowers are noticeable, measuring 2 to 3 inches in diameter, and have dark-blue Centre with almost waxy-looking exteriors. Plants require proper drainage, and they struggle in conditions of extreme humidity.

Common Name -    African Daisy, Cape Marigold

Height                         -   8 and 12 inches tall

Flower Color -   white

Bloom Time           -      June to September 

Difficulty Level -   Medium

Planting and care

  • In order to prevent fungus infections, remove old and wasted leaves.
  • When repotting, make sure the plant's crown is higher than the soil.
  • In general, African daisies don't require fungicides or pesticides.
  • Use an insecticidal soap and/or fungicide if a problem emerges.
  • Three inches of organic compost are used as a mulch around the plants, not directly on top of them.

Dimorphotheca care

  • Plant the seeds of passion Mixed from February to May at a temperature of 18 to 20 c (64 to 68 f) on a nice damp seed compost.
  • Vermiculite must be used, although only a light dusting is needed to completely cover the seed.
  • Put the container in a propagator or cover it with a plastic bag till germination (up to 14 days)
  • Don't cut out light because it promotes germination.


Sunlight     -   Full Sun for about 6 to 7 hours.

Watering     -    Keep soil moist always. Water the plant once or twice a week.

Soil                 - This plant requires well drained soil. Soil potting mixture for this plant should generally contain 40 % cocopeat, 40 vermicompost and 20 % local garden soil

Temperature   -   15.5 to 18.3 C 

Fertilizer   -   Add vermicompost to induce flowering.

Harvest Season Most Dimorphotheca varieties are hybrids and will not grow true from saved seed.

Use for Ornaments:

The plant is used as a decoration.

Medicinal uses:

This is edible but has little nutritional benefit in cooking.

Where to keep the plant?

The best place to keep the plant is on the balcony or near the window of your room. 


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