Brown Scaled Ceramic Pot

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Brown Scaled Ceramic Pot

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At Urban Plants, you will get beautiful design ceramic pots of premium quality that can improve your home's aesthetic look.


  • Porous ceramic pots, allow air and water movement through the sides of the pot. Air movement stimulates root growth, which results in healthier plants.
  • Ceramics are more appealing especially when glazed or painted to provide design. They are perfect for indoor plants and even for plants in your garden or outdoor area.
  • Ceramics are porous therefore they provide air and moisture to the plants, even down to the roots level.
  • Ceramics are heavier compared to other materials used for pots so they can easily withstand the weight of a growing plant.
  • Its’s thick walls protect the plants from sudden changes in temperature and other seasonal changes.
  •  It can also trap water and moisture within the soil thereby giving the plant a healthier environment.
  •  Ceramic pots are waterproof thereby trapping water and moisture which is ideal during hot weather.

DIMENSIONS: Height - 3 Inches / Diameter - 3.5 Inches.

COLOUR: Brown.

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