Boston Fern

Bostonferns Private Limited Plant Boston Fern
Bostonferns Private Limited Plant Boston Fern
Bostonferns Private Limited Plant Boston Fern

Boston Fern

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The Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), also known as the sword fern, is a popular fern species that grows in many tropical areas around the world. It is commonly kept as a houseplant, especially because it doesn’t have high sunlight needs. The foliage of this fern remains evergreen. Its sword-shaped, blue-green fronds with many tiny leaflets are erect and arch as they grow larger. Like several other fern species, the Boston fern is a fairly slow grower and is best planted in the fall or spring. It is an air purifying plant and have the best and beautiful fern. Very easy to care and perfect for indoors.

Common Names- Boston fern, sword fern, ladder fern, boss fern

Scientific Name- Nephrolepis exaltata

SunlightBoston ferns do best in bright, indirect Sunlight. 

Soil - These ferns like organically rich, loamy soil with good drainage. For container Boston fern plants, use a peat-based potting mix.

Temperature- Boston ferns prefer mild temperatures between roughly 65- and 75-degrees 

Water- To successfully grow Boston ferns, it is key to keep the soil lightly moist (but not soggy) at all times. If the soil begins to dry out, the fern’s foliage can quickly dry out and drop off the plant. 

Fertilizer- feed your Boston fern with a liquid houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength once a month. 

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