Bonsai ficus

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Bonsai ficus

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Bonsai Ficus

With the help of this charming Ficus microcarpa bonsai, take in your surroundings.

The art of bonsai involves creating smaller versions of natural tree forms. The bonsai version of Ficus microcarpa is characterized by its robust roots, stems, and tiny, alternate oval-shaped leaves in dark green.

It has more exposed aerial roots that are heavy and thick and look more like tree trunks than natural roots.

Common Name       - Ficus Bonsai, Banyan Bonsai, Indian laurel, Curtain fig bonsai.

Maximum Height   - Up to 35 cm

Bloom Time             - NA

Difficulty Level       - Easy to grow

Ficus Bonsai care

  •  40 % vermicompost, 40% coco peat, and 20% garden soil should be used to plant bonsai. 
  • Early in the morning, when the soil feels dry to the touch, Ficus needs water. 
  • Every other month, the water-soluble fertilizer should be applied. 
  • To prevent additional vegetative growth, use half the recommended amount listed on the bottle's label.

Sunlight   -   Full to partial Sunlight, bright indirect sunlight

Watering            -   Moderate

Soil                    -   Well-drained potting soil

Temperature    - 20 to 30 degree C

Fertilizer           - Liquid fertilizer

Planting and care

  • Regular trimming and pinching are necessary for bonsai to maintain their small appearance.
  • To lengthen the stem, you ought to prune some recent growth.
  • Trim all new growth sparingly. To maintain the health of the plant, few new 

Ficus Bonsai special feature

  • Popular and well-trained bonsai plant Ficus microcarpa

Ficus Bonsai uses

Ornamental Use:

  • It is used as the ornamental plant


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