Bitter gourd seeds (karela)

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010113
Bitter gourd seeds (karela)
Bitter gourd seeds (karela)

Bitter gourd seeds (karela)

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010113
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Karela or Bitter gourd is a vining plant that grows much like cucumbers or melons in the hot summer sun. The vines of bitter gourd can grow upto 150 to 190 inches in length. Hence, it’s recommended to keep pruning the plant regularly and use a vertical support to save on space. The leaves of bitter gourds are prominently lobbed while the skin of the bitter gourds fruits are warty and highly ribbed. Under the skin, the flesh of bitter gourds is creamy white and firm.

 Seeds quantity      - 30 seeds


Keeping bitter gourd planting beds evenly moist is required for good fruit development. Gently water the soil during mornings or evenings when the soil feels dry on touch.


Bitter gourds require nutrient-rich well-draining soil mixed with aged-compost or manure with a pH ranging between 5.5 to 6.5. Good soil drainage is essential for ideal growth of the plant.


Prepare the soil prior to planting bitter gourd seeds by mixing compost. During growth, some aged compost can be used as side dressing or one can also use comfrey or seaweed tea if the soil is not fertile.


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