Begonia flowering plant

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Begonia flowering plant

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A very good flowering plant, the begonia has stunning clusters of shell-like flowers.

The family Begoniaceae contains the genus Begonia, which includes perennial blooming plants. Native to humid subtropical and tropical climates, begonias.

In colder climates, some species are frequently grown indoors as decorative houseplants.

Common Name     -    Begonia semperflorens, Begonia

Maximum Height   -    2 to 5 feet

Flower Color     -   pinkish

Bloom Time               -   Year round

Difficulty Level     -    Medium

Sunlight     -    Partial sunlight

Watering     -    ample (sufficient) water during the growing season

Soil                 -    The soil used for these plants should be well drained and it should possess a large part of Sand.  Normal Garden soil can also be used for growing this plant.

Temperature     - 15 to 18 degree Celsius 

Fertilizer     -   Fertilize during the growing season with liquid fertilizer or vermicompost.


  • When the earth seems dry to the touch, water a plant.
  • Water your plants liberally in the summer and sparingly in the winter and during the rainy season.
  • Try to water the plants between 8 and 10 in the morning.
  • Stay away from soggy ground.
  • Winter irrigation should be minimized.
  • Plant parts that are dead, diseased, or damaged should be removed and disposed of in the rubbish can.

Begonia uses

  • Many cultivars have been chosen to serve as decorative plants.
  • They can be used in window boxes, hanging baskets, and other containers as well as bedding plants.


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