Ball cactus

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Ball cactus

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Ball Cactus (Botanical Name: Parodia sp.) is a genus of around 50-60 cacti species. The succulents are characterized by the presence of circular or dome-shaped stems with hair-like bristles along the bodies. Different types of Ball Cactus are the Golden Ball Cactus, Silver Ball Cactus, etc.


SOIL: Well-drained soil is best for the succulent. Pots must have holes in them to drain off any excess water.

WATER: Watering can be done only when the topsoil becomes dry. Overwatering should be prevented. Watering can be done directly in the soil. Spraying on the leaves can be avoided.

SUNLIGHT: Proper exposure to light is needed. Soon after planting, 2-3 hours of exposure to the direct sun should be provided followed by keeping them under the indirect Sun.

FERTILIZERS: Any water-soluble light fertilizer can be used during the growth stage of the succulents or during the summer months of March to July.

HOW TO DO REPOTTING IN POTS: Succulent roots are fragile, so repotting should be done very carefully. A well-drained sandy pot mixture should be used for repotting. Water them 3-4 days before the day of repotting. As a general rule, repotting can be done every 1-2 years.


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