Baby sun rose

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Smitha Rooted plant Baby sun rose Baby sun rose-Urban Plant
Smitha Rooted plant Baby sun rose Baby sun rose-Urban Plant

Baby sun rose

Smitha SKU: SM001
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Baby sun rose

Ice plants like Aptenia cordifolia, commonly referred to as baby sun roses, are hardy summer (June to September) bloomers that are indigenous to South Africa.

What makes it special:

  • Succulent plant that grows quickly and is evergreen.
  • Used as a charm for love and luck.
  • Elegant flowers with heart-shaped leaves that are pleasing to the eye.
  • Succulent plant with low maintenance

A perennial that prefers the sun, Aptenia cordifolia bears tiny, daisy-like blooms that are vivid reddish-purple on thick, succulent stalks. The heartleaf ice plant is also known as Aptenia cordifolia. The plant is a member of the Aizocea family. Heartleaf is the name of the plant because its leaves resemble a heart.

Common Name       -   Ice plant, baby sun rose.

Maximum Height    - Up to 60 centimeters

Flower Color            -   Reddish-purple.

Bloom Time             -   March to May and June to September 

Difficulty Level        -    Easy to grow.


  • Don't water the plant excessively.
  • Avoid wetting flowers and leaves; doing so could lead to fungus infection.

Sunlight       -    Full Sunlight.

Watering     -    water when topsoil becomes dry.

Soil                   -   This plant requires well drained soil. Soil potting mixture for this plant should generally contain 40 % cocopeat, 40 vermicompost and 20 % local garden soil

Temperature       -   22 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Fertilizer         -    Use a regular liquid or granular or vermicompost two to three times during the growing season.

Care instructions. 

Keep the plant in medium-light locations, out of direct sunlight.

Keep the plant-soil moist. 

Be care full to avoid overwatering.

A spray of water would help to remove waste leaves and stem from time to time. 

 Baby sun rose uses

Ornamental Use:

Aptenia cordifolia is often planted in pots or as a ground cover.


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The product is replaceable but non-returnable. We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil. Because with soil there are chances of root rot. 

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