Arugula Rocket

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Arugula Rocket

Urban Plants SKU: UP0002040
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Cultivated Rocket or Arugula rocket is a fast growing annual leafy vegetable with balanced pungent, light green leaves. The foliage is aromatic when crushed.One of the most appreciated leaf herb into Italian cuisine

Young leaves may be 6-8 cm long, while the mature leaves reach 16-20 cm long. The leaves form a dense rosette at the base of branching stems, which may reach 50-80 cm high. The thin stems are almost succulent and are both leafless and hairless. 


Arugula Rocket has a long tap root and bright yellow flowers, with four petals, appear from spring to summer. It may spread by both seed or by the branching tap root. Wild Rocket is a relative of radish and watercress, with similarities in appearance and taste.


Harvest starts from 35 days

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