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Prayas Nursery SKU: PRN2008
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If you have the room, use an eye-catching Anthurium plant to create a striking (attention) display in your living room.

Common Name     - Tailflower, flamingo flower and Lace leaf.

Maximum Height    - Up to 50 centimeters

Flower Color          - Any color 

Bloom Time             - Year Round

Difficulty Level        -   Medium


Planting and care

Do not over water the plant especially when the pot does not have drainage holes.

 Avoid applying water on flowers and leaves because it may cause fungus infection. 

Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight. 

Protect from direct AC vents or dry air.

Plant Protection

  • Remove any harmed, ill, or dead plant parts, and discard them a far away from the active plants.
  • As the first line of defense against any disease or insect attack, apply some neem oil, eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil over the affected area.


Sunlight        -   strong indirect or artificial lighting

Watering                - When the topsoil in the container (between 3 and 4 inches) feels dry to the touch, add 3 cups (about 150 ml) of water.

Soil                         - Organically rich soil with good drainage.

Temperature          - 18 to 30 degree Celsius

Fertilizer                 -   once monthly during the growing season with organic fertilizer (February to September) 


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