Air plants/ Sky plants - Thillandsia Durati

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Urban Plants Air plants/ Sky plants - Thillandsia Durati

Air plants/ Sky plants - Thillandsia Durati

Urban Plants SKU: UPV010
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Thillandsia Durati 

One of the most beautiful and coveted Tillandsia is the T. duratii. Named after an Italian named Durat who was the first person who is known to cultivate the plant in Europe. It is a very hardy species that is most often found in the wild in Bolivia, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. They often grow in elevations of 200-3500 meters.

Air Plants/sky plant- Tillandsia duratii 

General information about the plant

Tillandsia duratii is a native of Bolivia and Brazil. Tillandsia duratii is an air plant with small roots which are non- functional. This plant is capable of growing without soil . It takes its nourishment from the air . 
Tillandsia duratii is a perennial plant that survives for years if you take care of them properly.  

Water requirements :
They can be watered once in a week or misted regularly. After watering ensure that plant is dried completely otherwise excess water will kill the plant 

Light requirements:
In winters the plant should be provided with artificial light or fluorescent light . The night temperature in winter should be maintained above -7 degree celsius. On normal days the plant needs partial shaded light .

How Tillandsia plants survive:
The trichomes or hairs present on the leaves of the plants absorb oxygen and water from the surroundings. 

Tillandsia duratii can be placed :
Tillandsia can be placed in beautiful glasses or on rocks . This plant is suitable to be kept near a wifi router, TV, laptop etc. 
Plants can also be hung on doors or walls . 

Fertilizers requirements:
Fertilize them twice a month in summers and once in winters . They can be fertilized with liquid fertilizer.  

Propagation can be done by:
Tillandsia can be propagated by pups . 
Tillandsia is non toxic to cats and dogs and is an eco friendly plant.

 Air plant needs a ventilated room and is suggested to be placed near windows.
 Avoid the A.C room for keeping the plant; this may kill your plant .
You can order Tillandsia duratii online and buy from urban plants .

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