Adenium Flower Plant

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Bloomspace Plant Adenium Flower Plant

Adenium Flower Plant

Bloomspace SKU: BSI001
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Adeniums (Botanical Name: Adenium obsesum) belong to the family Apocynaceae. They are a genus of flowering plants which are often grown in Tropical areas as indoor ornamental plants. Adeniums are actually succulent plants with bright flowers of several colours and thick fleshy leaves. They are often called Desert Roses.


SOIL: Well-drained soil is best for succulents. Pots must have holes in them to drain off any excess water.

 WATER: Watering can be done only when the topsoil becomes dry. Overwatering should be prevented. Watering can be done directly in the soil. Spraying on the leaves can be avoided. During cooler months, watering can be done once every 15 days.

 SUNLIGHT: Proper exposure to light is needed. Adeniums need good exposure to the bright sun for 5-6 hours a day. The ideal temperature for Adeniums is around 32 degrees Celcius. 

FERTILIZERS: Any water-soluble light fertilizer can be used during the growth stage of the succulents or during the summer months of March to July.

 HOW TO DO REPOTTING IN POTS: Succulent roots are fragile, so repotting should be done very carefully. A well-drained sandy pot mixture should be used for repotting. Water them 3-4 days before the day of repotting. As a general rule, repotting can be done every 1-2 years.

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  • The shipped plant will not have any flowers, however, it will bloom later on in. The flower colour is not specified.
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