Fiber Pot (24inch)

Bittu Singh SKU: BS004
Fiber Pot (24inch) - Urban Plants™
Fiber Pot (24inch) - Urban Plants™
Fiber Pot (24inch) - Urban Plants™

Fiber Pot (24inch)

Bittu Singh SKU: BS004
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At Urban Plants, we provide premium quality Fiber Bags that will make your gardening journey much easier and more effective.


  • FIBER BAGS ARE BIO-DEGRADABLE: Fiber bags gets decomposed easily and thus do not accumulate as waste for a long time. Thus, they are an eco-friendly approach to gardening.
  • FIBER POTS VS PLASTIC POTS: In Fiber Pots, the plant roots can penetrate through and reach the soil level without disturbing the plant growth which is not possible in the case of a plastic pot.
  • WEATHERPROOF & LONG-LASTING: The fiber pots can be used under any weather conditions. They can be reused after removing the previous plant.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Fiber pots are made up of high-quality raw materials that make them durable and a cost-effective option for gardening.
  • EASY HANDLING: The Fiber pots are light in weight and can be easily transferred between indoors and outdoors.
  • OPTIMUM PLANT GROWTH: The Fiber pots allow excess water to drain off, maintaining a warm microclimate for the plant roots. Overall, plants grow better in a Fiber Pot.

DIMENSION: 24 inches height.


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