What is the Calla Lily plant?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Calla lily plant is a perennial flowering plant which is propagated through bulbs mostly because it is very easy to propagate through bulbs. It is planted for it's beautiful different coloured flowers.

Do you know about the different colours of the Calla lily flower ?

The Calla Lily plant blooms different colours of flowers such as pink, white, orange, Yellow, dark purple, blue etc. These different coloured flowers are very attractive and give a different look to the place wherever planted. The bunch of different coloured flowers of calla lily looks amazing. 

Calla Lily seasons

The calla lily bulbs are planted in the month of March and April till November. It is a perennial plant that flowers every year. It's blooming time is monsoon season, and it starts blooming in the month of June and blooms greatly in July.  If proper care of the plant is taken then blooming may last till August and September. In order to increase the time of blooming the plant should be saved from excess water and Sunlight.

Do you know  Calla Lily is  indoor or outdoor plant?

Calla Lily can be planted indoors in the pots as well as outside in the garden. It flourishes well in both conditions because it does not need too much soil for its growth. So, it can be planted as an indoor plant also. If it is planted in the garden it should be saved from excess of Sunlight or it should be given partial sunlight because full sunlight is harmful for the plant as it turns the colour of green Leaves to a yellowish color. The plant should be  given a very limited amount of water as excess water may cause tips of the leaves to brown.

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