Tropical Lavender | Guide to Grow Lavender in Tropics

by Samin Rizvi

Is it possible to grow lavender in tropics? Is there any tropical lavender variety available that grows in hot and humid climate?

The answer is yes! You can grow lavender in tropical and sub-tropical part of the world as a short lived perennial or an annual herb but you’ll need to care it more often, especially in summer.

USDA Zones– 8-11
Difficulty– Moderate
Soil pH– Slightly alkaline

Planting Season

In colder zones Lavender should be planted in spring or summer but in tropics growing conditions are different. Sun is more intense in summer and afterwards it rains, which increases the humidity level and makes intolerable for the plant to thrive that is why winter is the best month to plant lavender in tropics.

Finding Right Location

Grow lavender in a pot so that you can change its location during heavy rain or when the temperature rises up. If you’re growing it on ground, take care to plant it in a location where it’ll be saved from wind, heavy rain and heat, not receiving full sun, especially in afternoon as the sun in tropics shine more intensely and it can scorch your plant. *Planting it under a tree is a good idea.

Planting and Care

If you’re growing lavender from seeds, sow seeds in early winter and place the seed tray in full sun. Seedlings will germinate in two to three weeks; transplant them in a favorable location in a well drained potting mix using compost with bonemeal and lime both of equal amount in a total of half cup. Also add sand if your soil is heavy and clay rich.

Before transplanting make 18” mound of soil and plant lavender in it. This is the best technique to restrict soggy and water logged soil and improve air circulation.
Take care about watering, water only when soil becomes dry. You don’t need to fertilize lavender but if you want, occasionally add compost in the growing season.


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