Top 10 Highest Oxygen Enriching Indoor Plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Due to increasing pollution in the atmosphere, it is important to control indoor pollution by growing air purifying Indoor plants. Here is a list of oxygen-producing/air-purifying plants that can be grown indoor Plants. These Indoor plants are easy to care. The NASA study compared the ability of various houseplants to improve air quality and produce oxygen. Here are some of the best houseplants for creating oxygen and cleaning your air:

Devil's Evy Indoor Plants

It is an ideal bedroom plant. Pothos is the number one indoor plants for oxygenation due to its fast conversion rate. In an experiment, he was able to show a 6.5% reduction in carbon dioxide, where he reduced the CO2 content from 454PPM to 425PPM, thereby increasing oxygen levels. If you want to buy theoxygen enriching indoor plants that grow indoors, click here.

Snake plant /mother in law tongue

Snake plants, or Sansevieria, are some of the most popular house plants on the market. They are easy to care. They can add beauty and interest to any room, providing a natural air purifier.

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Areca palm

Areca palm plants are typically grown as house Indoor plants. They are relatively easy to care for, and they require little attention other than watering and occasional fertilization. 

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Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a beautiful addition to any home decor. Their simple, elegant forms make them perfect for adding a touch of tranquility to any space. Whether you choose to keep your peace lilies in a window or on a table, they are sure to add a touch of beauty and serenity to your home.

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Tulsi is revered in Hinduism and Buddhism for its many health benefits. Tulsi is often used as an herb for medicinal purposes, both internally and externally. These are well know medicinal Indoor plants for more benifits.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are some of the most popular plants in the world. These Indoor Plants are known for their healing properties, which include reducing inflammation, soothing skin, and treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant grows well indoors in a bright light and medium to high humidity. ZZ plant is a great plant for those who want to improve their indoor air quality. These Indoor plants helps to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the air.

Weeping Fig

Ficus Benjamin, commonly known as weeping fig, Benjamin fig. There's the green leaf type and variegated, also miniature-sized trees (indoor Plants of bonsai)


Orchids are one of the most popular flower plants. There are many different types of orchids, and each one produces a different type of flower. Some orchids are easy to grow.

Succulents (Lakshmi Kamal) 

Makes a great indoor plant. The Lakshmi lotus plant is a beautiful and hardy succulent that grows well in shade and indirect sunlight. Its hardiness and ability to grow well in a wide range of climates make it a popular houseplant.Considering the Indoor Plants succulents are best choice.

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