Pruning of Taiwan Guava Plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Care And Tips For Taiwan Guava Plant:

Training of Taiwan Guava plants in a young stage must be carried out to build a strong framework and to avoid weak crotches. Pink Guava plant-bearing must be trained as low-headed trees to facilitate multiple hand pickings. The open center of delay can be adapted for training. The scaffold branches in the young guava plant should be tipped back to encourage secondary branching. The water sprouts, root sucker, and cross branches must be removed.

Taiwan Guava Plant Pruning 

First pruning: 

Cutting off the top of the taiwan guava plant when it gets 60 to 80cm in height for easy harvest and stimulating branch development.

Second pruning:

After branches reach 30 to 40cm in height, cut off their tops to stimulate the second branching of the Taiwan guava plant.

Third pruning:

Cutting off small and thin branches, branches increasing over leaf canopy, and branches infected with insects, pests, and diseases every year after harvesting fruit.
To check the overcrowding and to control the Dwarf guava plant height, the terminal shoots on the periphery must be headed back at about 42 cm level in alternate years. Pruning takes place during the harvesting period as the Taiwan guava fruit is plucked along with the shoot on which it is bome. Pruning generally should be carried out after harvesting or in spring. Summer pruning is not recommended as it can damage the guava plant by sun burning.

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