Propagation and Plant care of Taiwan guava plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Generally, propagation in Taiwan pink guava farming is done by seeds, grafting, cuttings, and air layering. Seed propagation takes longer time hence the most adopted propagation process in guava plant cultivation is grafting and air layering.
The Guava field must be prepared before the monsoon season starts. Usually, the planting must be done before the onset of rains by adopting a square planting system. Commercial growers must adopt a distance of 5 meter to 8 meters. Generally, a spacing of 5x5 meters or 6x6 meters is followed. Taiwan pink guava can also be planted in the hedge-row system at a spacing of 4x6 ft or 6x3 ft. For high density and ultra-high density planting, the spacing between rows and guava plants must be less. Normally, in ultra-high density plantations, a row-to-row distance of 6 ft and plant-to-plant distance of 4 fts is followed.
Commercial growers can follow the high-density planting process to achieve higher yields in Guava plant cultivation. Some of the commercial or hybrid Guava plant varieties do very well under HDP. Proper irrigation of any crop ensures good plant growth and yields Tamarind Cultivation Income, Cost in the farming of Taiwan pink guava plant.

Harvesting Taiwan guava:

Taiwan pink guava plants are harvested throughout the year (except during May and June) in one or the other region of the country. There are two harvest seasons every year, one from March to April and another from July to August.

Pest and disease of Taiwan guava:

If aphids leaf eating caterpillars or fruit flies appear, spray Sherpa 0.2 to 0.3%, Treban 0.2%, or using biological bait such as Vizubon. To control downy mildew or fruit spots disease by spraying Ridomil 0.2%, Anvil 0.2% Avoid using fresh guava tree fertilizer or wasted water to irrigate the guava trees.

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