Preparation of Bio Enzyme At Home

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What is Bio enzyme?


Bio enzyme is the natural substance which breakdowns the organic matter of the soil and increases it's nutrients capacity which helps the plants to grow healthy and faster.

Being a gardener it is very important to know what makes your garden plants healthy, if you also want to know about such substance which is organic in nature, easy to make at home, and pocket friendly. Then you surely will become happy to know about bioenzyme. This Article will give you full information about the preparation and its advantages.Preparation-Of-Bio-Enzyme-At-Home-Urban-Plants

Bio Enzyme Preparation

  • Take citrus peels, jaggery and water in the ratio of 1:3:10  and 1 spoon of yeast. Note that you can also opt for the peels of carrot, pineapple, cucumber, sweet lime and lettuce for the preparation of Bio enzymes.
  • Mix all these ingredients in a plastic bottle or container with a screw bottle cap and leave it aside for 1 month. Do not fill the bottle or container to the brim.Bio enzyme natural at home Urban plants
  • Since the bioenzyme cleaner mixture will produce gasses, the bottle cap or lid should be opened and stirred at least once a day. Note that the solution should always be covered so that the fruit flies do not get into the bottle or container.
  • Ferment the mixture for one month in anaerobic conditions of fermentation.
  • After one month, strain the liquid and store in a plastic bottle or container.
  • Now the bioenzyme cleaner is ready and can be used as a multipurpose cleaner
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How to Use Bioenzyme In Your Garden?
Bioenzymes can be used as pesticides for your plants. Many plants get infected by pests which gradually damage the whole plants. And if not taken action on time pest infestation spreads quickly and it's then become tricky to handle. Then most people started application of chemical fertilizers which reduce the quality of soil and also harm the plants.Bio-enzyme-natural-at-hom- Urban-plants
Instead of using chemical fertilizers homemade bioenzymes can use to the plants which effectively work and it is organic so there will be no side affect of using it. Bioenzymes saves your money. Bioenzyme can also be used as nutrient supplement to the soil.
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