Pre Planting and Care of Taiwan pink guava plant

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Taiwan guava varieties come in white, red/pink, and yellow flesh varieties, and in the main production of the greatest largest size, variety, and largest volume of guavas belongs to the white flesh varieties.
Taiwan guava fruit is becoming very popular every year among the guava farmers. The reason why Taiwan guava is becoming popular, that it is a regular fruiting character with two harvest seasons every year from March to April and another from July to August.

Soil requirement for Taiwan guava farming:

Being hardy in nature, Taiwan guava plants can be grown in a wide range of soils from heavy clay to very light sandy in nature. However, they need well-draining conditions, deep loamy, friable soils for good crop yield. Avoid water logging conditions as it can cause root rot disease. Soil mix pH of 4.5 to 7.0 is ideal for Taiwan guava 5 plantation, River basins are very well suited for growing Taiwan guava fruits. It is advised to go for a soll test if you are planning for commercial guava cultivation. Any nutrient gaps should be filled based on soil test results.

Land preparation for Taiwan guava plantation:

Land must be harrowed, deeply plowed and leveled before planting, Make sure to carry the soil to fine tilth stage. Remove any weeds from previous crops and land must be prepared in such a way that it should be well-drained. If the soil is not fertile, supplementing the land with well-composted farmyard manure (FMY) is suggested for nutrients. This organic manure must be added in the last plow during land preparation before planting Taiwan pink guava plant. Dig the size of the pit of 1-meter x 1-meter x 1 meter and fill the pits with surface soil mixed with FMY or 25 kg of garden compost to improve fertility.

Soll sterilization for growing Talwan guava

Soll sterilization is an important task which raises the soil temperature and kills many soil borne organisms Including guava plant pathogens and pests. This procedure can be achieved by both physical and chemical aspects. Generally, physical means include treatments with steam of Taiwan pink guava plant and solar energy whereas chemical means include treatments with herbicides and fumigants. However, sterilisation can be achieved by plastic mulch film. Cultivation of Taiwan guava plants, loosening and breaking up or tilling of the soll. The soil around existing guava plants is cultivated or by hand using a hoe or by machine using a cultivator to destroy weeds and promote development by increasing soil aeration and water infiltration. Sail being prepared for the planting of a Talwan guava pink crop is cultivated by a harrow or plow. 

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