Plants grown as hedge for fencing

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Have u ever seen numerous plants or bushes together forming a row on the boundary of a garden or land ?, yes this is what a hedge is , formed by hedging plants .  A hedge in your garden can help in you many ways – it can serve as a boundary  to protect your garden and house , for privacy , to absorb sound and noise pollution , serves a kitchen or flower garden also its large , glossy green foliage gives you a sense of pleasure adding up to the beauty of your home garden


  • Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea is an ornamental bush that grows paper-thin flowers in pink, purple, white, red, or yellow, colors depending on the variety  it gives your garden a gravitating  look .  Regular pruning is advised after  every flowering season to maintain a good shape .


  • Duranta - Duranta is a flowering shrub with hanging branches. Its flower resembles orchids and range from blue to light purple. The plant looks golden in color most of the year due to its light-colored leaves. Also known as ‘sheenas gold’ , it is fast growing , drought tolerant and easy to maintain .
  • Lantana – Lantana is known for its beautiful multicolored flowers . It has got seasonal colors thus it attracts butterflies and humming birds. They are heat loving and drought resistant plants , thus a perfect option if you want your hedge to be full of colors .

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