Plantation Guidelines for Tulips and Their Care Tips

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Wild tulips are endemic to the dry regions of Central Asia, according to several intriguing tulip facts. The original species' colour range is confined to predominantly reds and yellows, and the flowers are smaller than modern cultivars and hybrids, which come in a wide range of vivid hues and pastel tints.

Selecting Tulips for the Garden

Tulips like other spring bulbs, already have an embryo flower tucked away inside. This embryo can't wait to start growing. Make sure the tulip bulbs you buy are plump and firm. Avoid any bulbs that are squishy, flabby, rotten, or have a missing papery surface.
Tulip bulbs should be purchased in late August or early September (late summer/early fall), but not planted until mid-autumn. If you reside in a mild winter climate, even early winter (December) can be effective.
Tulips are so anxious to expand that if you put them too soon, they will immediately send up leaves. In the winter, this will just freeze them. As a result, preserve tulip bulbs in paper bags rather than plastic bags while waiting to plant them, and keep them cool.

Tulips in Storage

How to Take Care of Them When it comes to tulips, adequate care and storage are vital before planting. Tulip bulbs should be kept in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator if you have the space.

Planting Instructions for Tulips

Tulips are simple to grow in the garden. Choose a sunny location with good drainage. Tulips do not thrive in the shadow and decay in moist soil. When it comes to tulips, soil preparation is crucial.
You may easily dig the individual planting holes after you've adequately prepared the tulip planting location. Each hole should be three times as deep as the tulip bulb's height. If your tulip bulb is 2 12 inches (5 cm) tall, dig your hole 8 inches (20 cm) deep, leaving 5 inches (13 cm) of soil above it.
After the tulips bulbs are planted, you need to water them thoroughly and then cover the area with a mulch of pine bark or shredded leaves to protect them.

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