Plantation Care of Taiwan Pink Guava Plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Generally, the planting season for Taiwan pink guava farming is one month before the onset of monsoon in India. Planting can be done throughout the year where accurate irrigation facilities are provided. 

Digging planting pits for farming of Taiwan guava

Before the planting Taiwan guava plant, the topsoil dug out of every pit is mixed with 100 grams urea, 10 kgs of farmyard manure, 100 grams potassium and 2.0 kgs of phosphate and pit is filled up to 45 cms depth and Taiwan guava seedling is planted just in the center of pit with graft union exposed from soll level inside the pit. The seedlings of the Taiwan pink guava plant must be planted 15 to 20 cm down the general field surface inside the pit. 
After the planting, the Biofertilizers VAM fungal and biopesticides culture that are mixed together with powdered farmyard manure and neem cake are applied @ 250 to 500 grams to each pit and watered.
The spacing of the Taiwan pink guava plants will be 3 meter by 2meter row to row and plant to plant spacing is adopted for high yield of Taiwan guava. At this spacing totally 666 guava plants are planted in an acre of land.

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