Multi Pateled Adenium desert rose plantation Guidelines and Care Tips

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Adenium obesum is the best flowering plant in the Dogbane family. Native to south of the Sahara this desert plant can grow to 3.3-9.8 feet. Adenium desert roses is a sun lover therefore it needs 6 to 8 hours of daylight for better growth.
In early growth stages Adenium desert rose plants can be grown indoors where 2-3 hours are available. Adenium desert rose plants are highly tolerant against all weather conditions, this is because it is known as desert rose.

Suitable Landscape for Multi petal Adenium 

This plant can grow easily in gardens as houseplants. This is the best variety of flowering plants besides it needs very little care. Even though it rewards you with the bright colors of this desert rose flower, besides it is really a tough desert plant which is verbally unkillable.
Over watering is the villain in culturing them, because overwatering causes root rot in it. Therefore porous pots and well drained potting mixture like sand, perlite, coco coir or mixture are preferable for planting Adenium. It can thrive in tropical and subtropical arid climates, little humid conditions are acceptable. Therefore it can thrive in Indian tropical climate.

Growing Conditions of Multiple petals Adenium 

Adenium plant (desert rose) can accept a wide range of climatic conditions. Extreme cold say below 0°C and extreme heat say above 40°C temperatures are not good for them.
Because in these climatic conditions it undergoes a dormant stage which may cause the death of the Adenium plant. Therefore In scorching winter and summer, keep it indoors to protect the Adenium. The most favorable temperature for them is 30-35°C.  They can thrive in moist and well drained potting mixtures. Wet soil is not suitable for the Adenium plants because it causes root rot in Adenium plants.

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