Most common questions about Football lily

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Do you know what is football Lily?

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Football Lily is a perennial flower plant which is somewhat red and pinkish coloured flower, it is Hardy in nature and planted for decoration purpose in different places. It's flower is called umbel. This umbel  is formed by number of multiple flowers in a stem and appears like globe. It's stem is called scape and one stem has one globe. 

What is football Lily bulb? 

It is planting material and inflorescence of football Lily flower. Bulbs are generally used as a planting material due to its Hardy nature and easy propagation. Bulbs are not at all costly and they are easy to be grown and managed. Many plants from one bulb can be prepared.

Which season is best for Lily flowers in India?


Spring and monsoon season are best for planting  football Lily as they flourishes well in these Seasons where as during cold climate or winter season they undergo dormant phase where they do not bloom and wait for favourable climatic factors. During summer and monsoon they bloom and thive best.

Best months for planting football Lily is from month of February to  month of October. Flowers mostly Bloom in late summers and monsoon season. After  blooming the growth of leaves or foliage can be seen. These leaves in winter season get brown and get damaged due to unfavourable climatic conditions where as during summer and monsoon they also flourishes well after blooming of flowers and helps to make flower plant more attractive. 

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