Installation of drip irrigation system on terrace garden

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Drip irrigation method is one of the most effective and efficacious method to water plants growing in your garden. In this technique water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing by which water gets emitted directly into the roots of the plants.


  • Benefits of drip irrigation method-

 Drip irrigation method has got several advantages over traditional methods of watering the plants. Here are some listed below-

  • Less water usage- Water is directly emitted in roots of the plant, due to which there is no wastage of resources.
  • Prevents soil erosion- As there is limited amount of water application in plants the amount of surface runoff get reduced thereby reducing soil erosion.
  • Prevent fungus- Wet plant parts can cause fungus like powdery mildew to spread. Drip irrigation method keeps the plant dry and thus discouraging growth of virus.
  • Healthy foliage – As the plants do not get over-watered, leaves remain dry and do not develop any discoloring and spotting promoting a healthy foliage.

Installation of drip irrigation System-

  • Drip irrigation starts with a tank or hose with its main connection to irrigation controller, to which zone valves are connected to regulate pressure.

  • From the zone valves there is a connection of main supply line, no. of zones is equal to the no. of supply line and that invariably depends upon your garden size.
  • After the installation of supply line, its time to install the drip line with a taping, drip lines are much smaller than main supply line and emit water to roots.
  • Drip irrigation methods is useful for gardeners living in area with less water availability also for gardeners in urban area who don’t have much time to water there plants. Happy gardening!!      



  • Sudarshan

    Hi i need to install drip irrigation system for my terrace garden.ibhv the kit purchased online

  • Praveen

    I want to install drip irrigation system for my terrace garden

  • Rishi Singh

    Hi, I’m interested in installation of drip irrigation system at my rooftop garden. I would like the same with a tank + small multipurpose motor for water soluble fertiliser application too. Please revert vide mail to take it further.

  • Vijay Mulchandani

    I would like to install drip irrigation system on my terrace garden . Can u help in this regard ?

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