Facts To Know About Sthal kamal/ Cotton Rose Plant

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Other Names of cotton Rose

Cotton rose, also known as the Confederate rose, Changeable Rose, Chinese Rose, or Cotton Rose Mallow in Indian languages, is also known as the Confederate rose, Changeable Rose, Chinese Rose, or Cotton Rose Mallow. It's known as Sthalkamal in Hindi. Sthalpadma is the Bengali name, Semburutti is the Tamil name, Neladavare is the Kannada name, Chinappratti is the Malayalam name, and Gul-e-ajaib is the Urdu name. It's also known as Sthalapadma in Oriya. Hibiscus mutabilis is its botanical name.

Overview of cotton Rose:

These flowers bloom in the autumn. These range in size from 4 to 6 inches in diameter, depending on whether they are single or double. Most of the time, these blossoms are white in the morning, but they turn pink and then deep pink as the day progresses. The species name, mutabilis, literally means "changeable."

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Cotton Rose- bushy plant:

Cotton Rose is a big shrub that can reach a height of 15 feet and a spread of 10 feet. Soon after flowering, it sheds its leaves in the winter, forming a spherical, hairy capsule that dries and releases seeds. The bloom, as its name suggests, resembles a lotus on the ground. However, it is known in English as Cotton Rose, since the plant's leaves, structure, stem, and seed are quite similar to cotton plants.

Floral color change

Flowers in H. mutabilis change colour from white in the morning to pink in the afternoon and red in the evening of the same day. The colour change of the petals in the laboratory was slower than the colour change of flowers in the wild. The rate of colour change may be influenced by temperature, as white flowers left in the refrigerator stay white until they are taken out to warm, at which point they gently turn pink.

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