How To Grow Ranunculus Bulbs

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Ranunculus flower also commonly known as'  'Buttercup'' is famous for its unique flowers having ruffled petals with paper thin like texture in a variety of colors.

  • Propagation - BULBS
  • Flower Colors - White, Red, Gold to Orange, Yellow and Pink 
  • Light -Full Sun 
  • Height- 10-24 Inches 

Ranunculus when grown together with different colors of flowers gives your garden a beautiful look during the spring season.It propagates with the bulbs or tubers.Ranunculus flowers have long stem and bushier foliage with lightweight flowers also used as the cut flowers because it can have a vase life of 7 days in indoors after cutting.

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  1. Ranunculus flower plants Urban plants First of all choose healthy bulbs,the ranunculus bulbs should not be scratched or bruised as that bulb will not be able to germinate.
  2. Select the variety of flower which you want to have in your garden.
  3. Soak the ranunculus bulbs at room temperature water for at least 2 hrs before planting and then dry it for half an hour.
  4. If you're planting bulbs in your garden then choose the area where full sunlight of 6-7 hrs is coming.And for pot choose the south facing direction window or balcony to get enough light.
  5. Put bulbs 1 to 2 inches deep in soil and 4-5 inches gap between two bulbs.
  6. Soil mix should include well decomposed compost and coco peat,sand etc for making it well drained as ranunculus bulbs will not tolerate soggy soil and start rotting.
  7. Watering should be done when soil seems slightly dry.once bulbs germinated and grown into plant water very carefully.

The Ranunculus plant does not thrive in warm and high humidity environments.

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  • Nivedita M

    I live in coastal Odisha. Temperature these days is below 30 degree celsius but humidity is above 80%. When is the right time for me to grow ranunculus? Also, can they be grown from seeds? If yes, they how should I go about it?

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