How to grow Calla lilies in pots?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Calla lilies can be grown in pots as they do not develop very large and compacted roots. Even a small soil mixture in a pot is enough for planting 1 to 2 bulbs. Calla Lily bulbs as well as all the other bulbous plants do not require too much soil for growth because they do not develop very strong stems on which flower blooms so it is very easy to plant Calla Lily bulbs in a pots.

What is the soil mixture required for Calla Lily bulbs in pots? 

The soil mixture suggested for calla bulbs in a pot is approx 40% of normal Garden soil ,30% of coco peat and 30% of vermicompost

Neem oil is also spread on the plant to avoid the attack of insects and pests. At the time of planting bone meal is also suggested to mix with the soil because it provides calcium to the plant in large amount and make the plant stronger and healthier . As calla Lily plants and other bulbous plants do not have very strong stems so bone meal is very important for the plant to fulfill its calcium requirement.

Calla Lily care  instructions 

Calla lilies should be planted in the months of March to November depending on the climate. It may be planted in advance such as the end of January and February. The soil taken for planting should be moist, well drained and Porous . Over Water should be avoided as due to excess water the bulbs will die. Fungicide could be added at the time of planting .

Micronutrients should be applied at some interval of time to secure the plant from nutrient deficiency.

What is the blooming time of calla lily?

The blooming is mostly seen in Spring and rainy seasons in the Calla Lily plant.

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