How To Grow Caladium Bulbs

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Caladium grows by the caladium bulbs or tubers.There are different sizes of tubers.Caladium bulbs grading done on the basis of their size. In Each bulb  there are 3-4 tubers in which one tuber is of greater size which is surrounded by the other small ones. More no. of tubers will give more no. of foliage.

Caladium bulbs online of different varieties are available on urban plants.


  • Caladium Bulbs Urban Plants Caladium bulbs should be purchased on the basis of the selected variety you want.

  • Bulbs should have more tubers in it as the more foliage will come.

  •  Caladium bulbs should be planted during spring season, as the bulbs need little moist and warm environment to sprout well.

  • Don't plant bulbs outdoors if night is cold.the bulbs will not be able to germinate or rot as temperature goes less than 65 degree fahrenheit.

  • While planting bulbs, it should be remembered to plant them about (10-12)cm deep and (10-12) cm apart when planting in ground from each other to grow well.

  • To plant it in a pot, only one tuber is enough to cover the whole pot after foliage comes out of it.

  •  Place the bulbs with eyes upward to give it a direction and then keep it in bright light having a warm environment there, with a temperature of 70 degree fahrenheit.

  • The Caladium bulb prefers well drained soil with evenly moist having proper nutrients for the growth of plants.

  • Do not overwater during the period of germination of bulbs as that causes rotting of bulbs.

  • If soil is not well drained and is waterlogged, then there is more chance of tuber rot.

  • As caladiums need a high amount of fertilizer.So make sure to feed it periodically with the fertilizer having low nitrogen compared to other nutrients.

Once caladium successfully germinated and petioles started coming out of the surface of soil, it should be given proper fertilizer for having proper growth.

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    Hi, what is the best period to buy caladium bulbs?

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