How To Grow Begonia Bulbs

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Begonia plant is famous for its rose-like pattern of flowering in a variety of colors.It is grown for its flower as well as for amazing foliage structure.They thrives best in  subtropical and tropical conditions where they are planted in spring season. 

Begonia loves bright but indirect sunlight and moist environment so the area which gets morning and evening sunlight will be considered as the best place for begonia.

Tips For Growing Begonia Bulbs

  1. Begonia Bulbs Urban Plants First of all select healthy bulbs for growing begonia.The bruised or scratch bulbs will not be able to germinate.So check all bulbs properly.The pink tiny buds on bulbs are a good sign of healthy bulbs.
  2. Select bulbs as per the kind of begonia flower you want in your garden which include flower color,shape and variety of begonia plant.
  3. Select the right pot for your bulbs if you are planting bulbs indoor.Take pot of 6inches for 2 medium size bulbs of size 1 to 3 inches or one large bulbs.Or take pot of 10 inches for 3 small size bulbs.
  4. If you are planting bulbs directly in the ground then select the area which gets morning and evening sunlight.
  5. Potting soil mix should be well drained consisting of Coco peat,sand or peat moss.As the begonia bulbs will not tolerate soggy soil and start rotting.
  6. Place the bulb's hollow surface upward so that it will sprout within 2 to 4 weeks or if there are any sprouts place it in an upside direction.
  7. Cover the  bulbs with ½ inch of soil properly.
  8. Water the soil to moist fully but not too soggy.Overwatering should not be done while germination of bulbs is happening.

Taking care of these important steps will prevent damage to the begonia bulbs and lead to the proper growth of plants.Begonia plant is available in different varieties of colors with different shapes and sizes on urban plants.

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