How Can We Get Best Lilies with Complete Specifications

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Lily flowers Bloom in which season?

Lily flowers generally bloom in summer and monsoon season where as they can be planted at different time according to the variety chosen. Commonly the most suitable time for planting is the month of February and October. Lily flower blooms once in a year and gives large sized different colour attractive flowers. 

Different  Lily colours that can be obtained? 

Lily plant blooms different type of colours according to different variety planted such as it bears red, pink, white, orange, Yellow etc coloured flowers. 

What is white Lily flower ?

White lily is called lilium candidum. These are generally propagated by bulbs because it is easy to plant it via bulb but they become susceptible for insect and pest when planted through bulb to avoid this it can also be planted through seeds . 

What are yellow lily flowers ?

Yellow lilies are the lilies  that blooms yellow colour flowers it is a variety of rain Lily which starts blooming during monsoon in the month of June. It blooms in such a way as it is welcoming rain. These plants are planted through bulbs. It is grown as an indoor as well as outdoor plant but it need the sufficient amount of full sunlight when planted as an indoor. It grow vigorously and rapidly without requiring much of the attention. It's growth resembles like a growth of weed plant. It produces number of seeds and bulbs from one plant. Yellow lily flower bear yellow coloured flowers and have tepals instead of sepals and petals. Commonly plant bears large and attractive flowers but the size of the flowers vary according to the size of the bulb planted the flower size totally depends on the size of the  bulbs. 

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