Guidelines of Waste disposal for commercial places of bulk generators

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Waste management Guidelines in India Urban plants No non-recyclable waste having calorific value of 1500 K/cal/kg or more shall be disposed of in the landfills. That waste can either be utilised for generating energy or can be used for preparing refuse derived fuel. It can also be used for co-processing in cement or thermal power plants in India. As per the new rules, the landfill site should be 100 metres away from a river, 200 metres from a pond, 500 metres away from habitations, highways, public parks and water supply wells and 20 km away from airports/airbase.

Waste Processing And Waste Treatment Guidelines 
The new rules advise that the biodegradable waste should be processed, treated and waste disposed of through composting or bio-methanation within the premises as far as possible and the residual solid waste shall be given to the waste collectors or agency as directed by the local authority. The developers of industrial estate, Special Economic Zone, industrial park will also have to earmark at least 5 percent of the total area of the plot or minimum 5 plots/ sheds for recovery and recycling facility.The rules have also mandated bio‐remediation or capping of old and abandoned waste dump sites within five years.

waste management SWM rules 2016

Vertical garden tower Urban plants Guidelines for Municipal authorities All local bodies are required to set up a few by-laws regarding waste management, segregation of waste within their society. They are also required to set up a system in place so that the process of waste segregation can be followed smoothly by all waste generators. They are also required to promote the idea of composting, waste segregation and waste management through different educational campaigns. For these composting processes we can use sustainable compost. Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower will help the best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants

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