Growing Conditions of Thai white Guava plant

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Thailand white Guava plant Care Urban plants It is important to know that these guava fruit trees are very frost tender, especially when young. Thai guava plant must have shelter from freezing winds, even in sunny warm climates where occasional icy temperatures occur.They are evergreen, shallow-rooted shrubs or small guava tree and produce sweetly scented flowers, small round, oval or pear shaped delicious fruits, and have a beautiful tropical appearance. The guava tree wood bark is smooth, green or reddish brown and peels off in thin flakes to reveal the attractive "bony" aspect of its trunk.
Thai guava plant thrives in any soil with good drainage and lots of nutrients. These guava trees love fertilizer, so regular application is recommended. Keep the soil slightly humid while the plant is young. At the time of fruiting keep the soil evenly moist as this will help develop more juicy and sweet fruits. This Guava fruit tree is very tough but you should keep an eye out for common garden pests.

Growing Conditions of Thailand White Guava plant 

Thai guava plant care Urban plants Plant Type: Thai guava plant is Subtropical to Tropical Fruiting Shrub/Tree
Harvest Season: It can start growing in Spring, Summer. 
Mature Size: Thai guava plant can grow Up to 12 ft height. 
Soil & Moisture: Guava plant Rich, well-draining soil.
Avoid planting small guava trees in low spots where cool air settles, as they don't like cold. 
Light Requirements: Thai guava plant needs Full Sun, Part Shade
Fertilizers: To help establish your new Thai White Guava plant, fertilize sparingly ten inches away from the base of the plant, tri-annually with a slow time released product. Unfertilized plants will tend to grow at a slower pace. 
Propagation: Our Thai Guava Plants are grown from seed and are capable of fruiting within 3 years.


  • Shekhar Kumar Jindal

    I want to grow around 100 Thailand guava plant in my land.i am from West Bengal.plz suggest me the process.and how to get seeds or plant

  • Shekhar Kumar Jindal

    I want to plant around 100 Thailand guava plant in my land .I am from West Bengal.plz tell me the process.plants could be grown from seeds or plant.and how much it costs.

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