Growing Conditions of Taiwan pink guava plant

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.


Taiwan pink guava plants require constant moisture in the soil particularly in the dry season from December to May. However, Taiwan pink guava crops do not need any water in the rainy season. Normally, water requirement and frequency depend on the plant's age and stage. The first irrigation must be given immediately after planting in the field for root establishment in the soil. Generally, on average, a Taiwan pink guava plant requires 15 to 30 liters per day, Project Report The best irrigation method used in Taiwan pink guava cultivation is drip irrigation. 

Drip irrigation:


Drip irrigation provides an efficient method of using water in regions where water is a major problem. Commercial growers can get subsidies on the drip irrigation system of Taiwan pink guava plants from local horticulture schemes. if the drip system is installed. the irrigation process can be given on an alternate day. 

Planting and tending young Taiwan guava plants

  • Planting procedure in young Taiwan pink guava plants will be given below;
  • Planting trees guava plant at the interval of 3mx3m in flat land or 4mx4m in sloping land.
  • Preparing planting holes with the side of 40x40x40cm or 60x60x60cm 1 to 2 months before planting apply 5 to 10kg composted manual, 100g potassium and 2kg phosphate, 100g urea in each hole, fill up holes with soil and mix well, then covered the hole with soil up to the ground level.

water well for the excellent recovery of roots.

  •  Regularly check the condition to cut off all the shoots increasing from the rootstocks.
  •  Making a fence to protect guava trees and water to maintain the soil. 

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