Gerbera daisy plant care with proper guidance 

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Gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) plants are commonly grown for their bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers. They originated from South Africa and come in various sizes and colors, including pink, salmon, yellow, orange and white, with flower sizes anywhere from 2 to 5 inches across. There are different kinds of gerbera daisy cultivars available, bred for their color and flower shape (single, double or multiple petals). To get better results in how to care for a gerbera daisy plant, choose a variety that’s compact, as flower stems will be sturdier on compact plants, and one that suits the pot size or planting bed you will be growing in. 

Learn Grow Gerbera Plant Care 

Growing gerbera daisy plants is possible from seed, seedlings or division. Seeds are the cheapest method, but seeds must be sown immediately because they lose viability quickly after opening. Keep in mind that seeds may also not be true to form. Growing from seedlings or divided plants is easier and you can be sure what the flower type will be. If you have previous plants, the crowns can be lifted and divided in early spring. Remove lower leaves and replant immediately.

Gerbera Daisy Plant Gardening Guide 

Plants thrive in a position with bright sun and sandy soil. A little compost fertilizer added at planting will encourage good flower growth. With fresh sown seeds, a well-draining propagation mix is a must, as is bright indirect light. Crown root rot is a common problem with gerbera daisies, which is caused by planting the crowns heavily deep. The crown should be above visible soil and allowed to dry out between each watering. Plants can be mulched, but care must be taken that mulch doesn't cover the crown. If you live in a humid climate or have heavy soil, try planting gerbera  daisies in well-draining pots instead. 

How to Care for a Gerbera Daisy Plant 

Gerbera Daisy plants are susceptible to fungal diseases, although older varieties are less so. Fungal sprays do not generally prevent crown rot, so correct planting and watering are essential for gerbera daisy care. 
Make sure you daisy plant them with adequate spacing and in high light areas. A little bit of poor shade in high summer is alright, but without full, direct light the plants will get leggy and pale and not produce nearly as many blooms. Watering in the morning so the leaves can dry out during the day to lessen the risk of rot and fungal diseases. 
Gerbera daisy plant care can also be enhanced by using a micronutrient liquid fertilizer such as a seaweed or fish emulsion. To avoid caterpillars and leaf miners too. Spray, if needed, with an organic spray such as pyrethrum or neem oil. Growing gerbera daisy plants can have some challenges, but it is a wonderful reward when those big, happy flowers bloom.
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